Chinese epic novel 'Journey to the West'

There is such Chinese satirical novel Journey to the West. It was written by Wu Cheng'en in 16 century. This novel one of Four Great Classical Novels in the Chinese language. Novel 'Journey to the West' narrates about pilgrimage of Chinese Buddhist monk Xuanzang to the India. However the main character is not this monk, and his companion Sun Wukong. He is more known as Monkey King. Sun Wukong belief and the truth served monk Xuanzang and protected during all pilgrimage. Improbable travel of Monkey King and other heroes of the picaresque novel 'Journey to the West' became a basis for films, TV serials, cartoon films, video-games. Now you can see Sun Wukong on the reels of Monkey King Slots, which was released at the Microgaming casinos in January 2011.

Monkey King is one of the most popular comic character of the Chinese folklore. Sun Wukong is stone monkey and he was born from a magic stone. Once he has passed through a falls, he become the King of monkeys. Monkey King has gone to travel to find immortality. He find the teacher who has learned the magic actions. Monkey King could fly on a cloud and also turn into the different essences. He had a magic staff. Monkey King has found the immortality when he has deleted the name from book of dead. Once Emperor closed Monkey King under mountain on five hundred years. Sun Wukong was exempted the monk Xuanzang, which travelled to the Western Regions to obtain sacred texts. Monkey King together with the monk has gone to travel. This pilgrimage is described in the novel 'Journey to the West'.

There are other interesting and comic heroes in the novel. One of them is magic fighter Zhu Bajie. He isn't human, he is a pig. In the novel the Pig personifies some human passions - laziness, gluttony for food and sex.

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Monkey King Online Slots

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