Crime World Theme

So, you want to join the crime world? Well we give you a chance. Download the online casinos to play crime themed slot game. We select the similar slots here.

Crime World is not a life, it's just a game! But you can made it your way of life during play on mafia themed slots, or whodunnit theme of a 1930s style, or robbery of train, or bank heist themed slot machine, or other online slots with detective theme.

Whodunit: themed slots


Who has done it? Which the suspect? Which the weapon? All these questions will be solved in the online slot games with a whodunit theme in a 1930s style.
We offer you 10 online slots with theme of Whodunit.

New Online Slots

theme: Greek Mythology

symbols: Golden Fleece, Jason, Medea, Chiron, Argo, Argonauts, Colchian Dragon, Sirenum, Crete, Symplegades, Mysia, Iolcus

name: Jason and the Golden Fleece

released: February, 2013

New Online Slots - Jason and the Golden Fleece - Microgaming

soft: Microgaming

You can play this new Jason and the Golden Fleece online slots at the 32Red Casino.

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