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Each holiday is special day in which people celebrate any event. It can be both religious event, and cultural, and historical. The holiday as a rule is accompanied by official celebratings. There are world holidays (example: Christmas, New Year, Valentine's Day). There are holidays which are celebrated religious groups of people (example: Easter). Also there are national holidays (example: Irish Day). We love the holidays because they are cheerful and joyful days. We give each other gifts. We eat a tasty meal.

You can find slots games with the holiday's theme at the any online casino.

Halloween Online: themed slots

Halloween Online

The most known symbols of this holiday wait for you on reels of online slot games now!
We offer you 56 online slots with theme of Halloween Online.

Easter Sunday: themed slots

Easter Sunday

As soon as a spring equinox comes, we start to wait the ending of the first full moon. Because immediately following these events on the first Sunday we shall celebrate Easter. Some online casino offer you online slot games with Easter Theme. Easter eggs, rabbit, chocolate hare, Easter bunny, spring flowers and others Easter signs are symbols on the slots reels.
We offer you 3 online slots with theme of Easter Sunday.

April Fools' Day: themed slots

April Fools' Day

In Middle Ages the European monarchs had the jesters which provide entertainment. Alas! We do not have such opportunity. But we can amuse each other and find amusing situations everywhere. We find for you the online slots where some symbols on the reels are imaged playfully, because you want to have a good humour each day. But there is the unique day in April. It's the All Fools' Day or the April Fools' Day. In this day the humor around all.
We offer you 10 online slots with theme of April Fools' Day.

Saint Patrick's Day: themed slots

Saint Patrick's Day

In spite of the fact that Saint Patrick's Day is a religious Irish holiday, it has wide popularity in the world. First of all, because the Irishmen live in many countries a long time. They transfer the traditions to those places where they live just as other peoples. The Irish diaspora show the traditions of Ireland to other people by celebrating the St Patrick's Day. And it was pleasant! Many at all do not know why this day is celebrated. But the atmosphere of a holiday which is celebrated on 17 March, its clear attributes are recognized too.
We offer you 23 online slots with theme of Saint Patrick's Day.

Apple Day of USA: themed slots

Apple Day of USA

An apple pie is a favorite dessert in USA. There are two elements to cook the apple pie: the rounds of pastry and the slices of sugared apples. You can make this pie for the Apple Day of USA on February, 20.
We offer you 36 online slots with theme of Apple Day of USA.

World Cinema Day: themed slots

World Cinema Day

The first paid film-session was held 1895, December 28. It were ten films which the Lumiere brothers showed to public on the big screen. This date also became date of celebrating of "World Cinema Day".
We offer you 34 online slots with theme of World Cinema Day.

Christmas : themed slots


There are a lot of traditions connected with Christmas but the most important one is giving of presents. Online casinos give presents too. They are slots with Christmas theme and Christmas bonuses.
We offer you 20 online slots with theme of Christmas .

New Year's Day: themed slots

New Year's Day

Meet the first day of New Year together with us at the online casinos. You will find many winter pleasures on slots reels: snow, a sled, a snowman, Ski Bunny, snowflakes, a skis, the skates and gifts. Happy New Year!
We offer you 19 online slots with theme of New Year's Day.

Cat's Day: themed slots

Cat's Day

The love to cats around the world is so great, that their owners made a special holiday for the favourites. In a result the Cat's Day is celebrated in very many countries of the world each year. March, 1 is the Cat's Day. This day unites millions owners of these pets worldwide. In the different countries the owners of cats mark this holiday differently. We offer you to play on the cats themed slots at the online casinos.
We offer you 24 online slots with theme of Cat's Day.

Valentine's Day with Love: themed slots

Valentine's Day with Love

We meet with love during day on February, 14. The love is around me. The love is around you too. Online casinos offer you the love themed slots in this day. Choose one of them to play and see during game the signs of St Valentine's Day: Cupid, flowers, hearts, kisses, chocolate, champagne, diamond rings, valentine cards and love letters.
We offer you 39 online slots with theme of Valentine's Day with Love.

Chinese New Year or Spring Festival: themed slots

Chinese New Year or Spring Festival

Within two weeks in China celebrate New Year. This Spring Festival began January, 23 and will be finished in 15 days. The Lantern Festival will finish this holiday. The symbols of 2012 year are Dragon, Water and Black.
We offer you 4 online slots with theme of Chinese New Year or Spring Festival.

New Online Slots

theme: Greek Mythology

symbols: Golden Fleece, Jason, Medea, Chiron, Argo, Argonauts, Colchian Dragon, Sirenum, Crete, Symplegades, Mysia, Iolcus

name: Jason and the Golden Fleece

released: February, 2013

New Online Slots - Jason and the Golden Fleece - Microgaming

soft: Microgaming

You can play this new Jason and the Golden Fleece online slots at the 32Red Casino.

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